What is the Dental Implant Process?

dental implant process
Dental implants are small titanium posts that replace the root of your tooth, providing a strong foundation for an artificial tooth. Your dentist may recommend dental implants if you have lost one or more teeth to injury or severe damage from periodontal disease. If you experience tooth loss due to an accident, broken dentures, age-related wear, or gum disease, a dental implant may be right for you. According to the American College of Prosthodontists, for a healthy individual with good oral hygiene and good health, dental implants are predictably successful with reported success rates above 90-95 percent. This has made this kind of treatment widely embraced. Here are vital steps incorporated into the dental implant process.

The Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is an integral part of the dental implant process. During this consultation, the dentist will carry out a full oral examination to determine if dental implants are appropriate treatment for you.

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

Once a tooth is removed, it will be followed by a protocol that includes diagnosing the problem, ruling out any possibilities, and then deciding on a plan of action. The patient may need to see different specialists before an implant can be made. The dentist must assess if another alternative treatment besides implants can solve or reduce the issue. After an agreement between dentist and patient, the dentist diagnoses the presence of tooth-related issues such as bone height loss, gum disease, jawbone abnormalities, etc., using various methods of diagnosis. For example, Dental radiographs are taken to measure bone height density which will decide whether or not implants are possible for said patient. If the evaluation is favorable, then a dental implant will be treatment planned to replace the tooth in question.

The Design of Your Dental Implant Prosthesis

The dental implant process is a complex procedure that requires careful planning by the dentist. The planning involves determining the optimal implant position, selecting the appropriate abutment that holds the crown, and choosing a cosmetically appealing crown. For a patient to have a functional, comfortable, and durable final result, these steps must be carefully planned and executed by your dentist.

Surgical Placement of the Implants into the Jawbone

Immediately before the dental implant procedure, numbing medication is administered the surgical site. After that is completed, an incision is made in the soft tissue where the implant will be placed. The oral surgeon then prepares the implant site by remove enough bone (with a drill) to accommodate the dental implant being screwed into place. Once the dental implant is properly placed into the jawbone, the soft tissue is sutured back together to allow for a proper healing.

Steps for the Final Implant Prosthesis

Once 4 to 6 months of healing has passed after initial placement of the dental implant, a small surgical procedure is completed where the implant platform is revealed through the soft tissue (gums) and a healing abutment is then attached to the dental implant to facilitate soft tissue shaping over a 6 week period. After this tissue shaping period, the final abutment and crown can be permanently placed.

Follow-Up Care and Maintenance Visits

While implants can provide permanent tooth replacement solutions, they do require follow-up care and maintenance visits. These routine visits are typically scheduled every six months after the initial implant surgery. During these appointments, your dentist will check on the health of your gums and the bone surrounding the implant site. They may also perform polishing procedures on your natural teeth to improve your appearance by wearing a fixed dental prosthesis.

The dental implant process is relatively straightforward but will require longer time and effort on your part. However, once you begin to experience some real benefits of the implants, all of the hard work will be worth it.

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